Rubbish Bin Kitchen Waste Trash 2x15L

Chuck out your household wastes and keep everything under control with this rubbish bin which holds a large capacity of 30 litres. The removable top lid with full extension slides allows you to take out and put in food scraps easily and quickly and effectively keeps the bad odours away from your kitchen. Each trashcan comes with a metal handle, making it easier to carry the bin around. Designed with a rectangular shape, this trash basket is great for putting against the wall to save space and complete your kitchen ensemble.

  • Colour Grey
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ideal to Separate Household Waste
  • 2x -15L Plastic Rubbish Bin-Total 30L Capacity
  • No Additional Drawer Runners or Hinges Required
  • Removable High-impact Plastic Bins with Metal handles
  • Removable Plastic Top Cover Designed to Prevent Odours
  • Plastic ;Frame with Full Extension Slides & Normal Runners
  • Brackets/Screws Provided to Mount Unit to Cabinet Floor / Base
  • Concealed - Normally Fitted in the Cabinet Below the Kitchen Sink

Material PP Bins
Plastic & Metal Frame
ABS Decoration Parts




2x 15L (Total 30 Litre Storage Capacity)

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
Extension Size (L x W x H)

48cm x 34cm x 35.5cm approx.
94cm x 34cm x 35.5cm

Package Dimensions (L x W x H)

50cm x 36cm x 35cm

Package Weight

5.5kg approx.