Rufus And Coco Breath Buddy

Rufus And Coco Breath Buddy

Rufus And Coco Breath Buddy is a professionally formulated water additive suitable for cats and dogs. Breath Buddy helps to naturally promote fresh, pleasant breath as well as support healthy teeth and gums. Bad breath can mean that you might just turn your pet away when it comes to snuggling time. That's not what either of you want so use Rufus and Coco's Breath Buddy to neutralise bad breath! The professionally formulated water additive goes into your pet's drinking water to naturally promote fresh, pleasant breath. It uses plant-based ingredients with odour neutralising properties.

The key features of Rufus And Coco Breath Buddy include:

  • Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Works in the mouth and in the stomach to reduce odour.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Odour neutralising.
  • Safe, gentle and pleasant tasting.
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums.
  • Contains Chlorophyllin & Peppermint Oil.
  • Volume: 150ml.

Instructions: First, add fresh clean water to your pet's water bowl. Now, pour one teaspoon of Rufus & Coco Breath Buddy into the water (approximately 5mL per 500mL of water). Allow your little mate to drink as normal. Remember to change water daily. Tip: initially, your pet may be cautious about drinking the water at it turns green (from natural ingredients). Be patient - it won't be long before they are happily lapping it up. Caution: may stain fabrics and surfaces - put a mat under your pet's bowl.

Ingredients: Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin. Peppermint Oil. Inert Ingredients.

The Australian owned Rufus & Coco brand was founded in 2008 and quickly developed a reputation for itself. Rufus & Coco is now the fastest growing pet brand in Australia. Rufus & Coco are committed to producing high quality pet products that are ethically sourced and use natural alternatives wherever possible. Their range of pet products and accessories are developed in consultation with world leading formulators, manufacturers and developers to ensure that they are of the highest standard.

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