SALE Costway Air Dryer 1450W Vented Tumble Drying Machine Cloth Dryer Auto Sensor Front Load Wall Mount/Stand

This small portable dryer is a great choice for your home appliances. It has smooth, corrosion-resistant, sturdy stainless steel inner drums that are great for protecting the inside of the machine as well as your clothes. Four different temperature Settings and adjustable timer Settings allow this dryer to manage all clothing types. We can see the operation of the clothes directly through the window, which is more convenient for necessary adjustment. Removable air and air intake filters facilitate monthly maintenance. This portable dryer takes up the smallest space in your home and is easy to install on the wall. The weight is so light that you can move around and put it where you need it. It runs very quietly and doesn't disturb your family's sleep when you use it in the morning. It gives you a quiet and comfortable environment where you can study or work easily. Its appearance is very simple but elegant, suitable for different styles of decoration, whether it is placed on the balcony, bathroom or student dormitory, is very appropriate. It also saves energy and is more environmentally friendly.

*Stainless steel inner drum: The stainless steel interior of the dryer is smooth, corrosion-resistant and strong, and you don't have to worry about buttons, zippers or other ornaments damaging the inner drum.
*Different mode & adjustable setting: This portable dryer comes with four temperature settings, including air dry, cool, warm and hot. Multiple modes and adjustable timer settings allow this dryer to manage all clothing types.
*Transparent window & air intake filter: We can look at how the clothes work. Removable air and intake filters make it easy to perform monthly maintenance.
*Wall-mounted design: Take up minimal space in your home and can easily be installed on the wall. You can put it where you need it.
*Minimal noise design: It operates very quietly. Give you a quiet and comfortable environment, and you can study or work at ease.

*Color: ivory
*Product size: 60x 40x 69cm
*Net weight: 21.35KG

*Washing capacity: 4.5KG
*Size of drum: φ 560x 300mm
*Voltage: 220-240 VAC 50/60 HZ
*Power: 1450 w

*Drying principle: straight line
*Control mode: mechanical
*Noise: ≤ 50dB

*Exposed length: ≥1.5m
*Plug: Australian type 3 plug.
*SAA certificate

Package Includes:
1 x Vented Dryer
1 x Instruction

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