Samson Tourtek 10ft 3m 6mm Jack PL Line IN Cable for Guitars ProAudio Instrument

Genuine Neutrik nickel-plated phone plug
Nylon insulator
Large diameter stranded copper conductor
Carbon insulator reduces capacitance, eliminating RFI/EMI noise
Braided copper shield with 96% coverage to greatly reduce noise
Heavy-duty flexible 6mm PVC outer jacket

Tourtek Cables have been designed for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability.
The cables exceed the design goal by combining quality components like genuine Neutrik connectors and durable low-noise wire with solid build construction.

Tourtek Instrument Cables feature inner stranded copper conductors covered by a PVC insulator, which is wrapped in a second carbon insulator, then wrapped in a braided copper shield with 96% coverage. This is protected by a 6mm PVC outer jacket.
The low capacitance cable provides excellent rejection of RFI/EMI interference, extremely low handling noise and superior sound quality.