Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (SM-R825) 44mm LTE Stainless Steel - Black

Watch Active2

Stay connected with a lifestyle and health partner on your wrist that can provide you advice in the moment. Get accurate information on your health on a big screen with a watch that has your wellness in mind. Galaxy Watch Active2 can tell you what you need to know when you need it.

Expand your view

Maximise your screen space with an uninterrupted view on a sleek body fitted with a touch bezel for quick control. Galaxy Watch Active2 offers an enlarged display with a pure black screen and a border that's hardly there for space to get the insight you need.

Get the look that matches your look

Snap your outfit and grab your look

Express yourself with a watch face that can fit your look and mood. When you snap a picture of your outfit for the day Galaxy Watch Active2 will help put together a watch face to match.

* Multi-coloured straps sold separately.

Track your workout on your wrist

Galaxy Watch Active2 tracks your movements so you can just slip it on and get working out. With swimming added to automatic tracking you now get seven exercises, while manual tracking works out different activities. Running coach function offers you actionable advice in real time.

Health support from the inside out

Be sound in body and mind with a watch that cares for both. Utilize the stress tracker to help watch your stress levels when you're feeling tense, and you can follow the suggested guided breathing exercises to get some peace of mind.

Heart rate tracking for peace of mind

Monitoring your health is at the core of Galaxy Watch Active2 with a full eight photodiodes on the rear side of a new curved design that can mould to your wrist. Health monitoring helps keep an eye on your heart rate and can send you an alert when it goes above or below normal levels.

Give your life an assist

Get a jump on life with a smart assistant on your wrist. Control your camera to enrich the shooting experience, view and like on social media, and translate on the go. Newly added On-going Icon displays running apps on the watch face for easy access, and you can even catch incoming calls with Wi-Fi.

Stay connected without your phone

Take your contacts, messages and music with you on an LTE-powered life assistant that allows you to leave your phone behind. Go on a run with the peace of mind of being connected and not weighed down. Keep your music streaming as you go or download ahead of time for areas with low connectivity.

Power that lasts throughout the day

Take your Galaxy Watch Active2 out for the day with a battery that can last throughout the day and more with normal use. Back home, just lay it on the compact magnetic wireless charger to bring it back to full, with no charging jacks or wires required.

Apps to help push you further

Bring enhancement to your life with apps ranging from the Galaxy line up to a wide variety of downloadable 3rd party apps. Download compatible apps to make your own personal line up for smart advice on the fly that you can pull up without leaving your wrist.