Santa Plush Red Glittered Hat - 38cm

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Product Features
--> Plush red glittered Santa hat with white trim
--> Hat will flop when worn
--> One size fits most
--> Dimension 32cm x 38cm
--> Sold individually

Brand:The Christmas Warehouse
--> Red with White
--> Christmas Decorations
--> Santa Hats

Santa Hats come from the old Victorian ideals of Santa. The story of Santa is hundreds of years old going back to Victorian times in England. The Santa hat we know today is based on a mens nightcap. That floppy hat we know from old tales was the birth of the hat that our jolly friend wears. Santa is based on what a Grandfather would wear in the 18th to 19th century to form the Grandfather like appearance, the night cap with an older style suit. The nightcap was regarded as attire that you only wear inside your home, a bit like pyjamas, however because of what Santa does, we allow him to travel the world in his red and white nightcap, Santa Hat.
The stocking on the other hand comes from some controversy with its origin. One this is certain though is the tradition of hanging your stocking over the fireplace ready for Santa to fill with goodies on Christmas night. Stockings, also known as sock, serve as the present holder so each kid knows what they got from Santa. The term socks come from the first use of stocking was kids using their socks, hence their current shape. Today stockings come in a variety of sizes with some being too big for a fireplace.
Today, people will also use Santa sacks. We all know that Santa uses a sack to carry all the presents. Well today, especially for the lucky kids, a sock is too small. A Santa, or Christmas sack, is great to fill this problem. Sacks allow a lot of small gifts or a few large gifts. The sacks are great for cleaning up the mess left by the little critters as well.
To really celebrate the fun of Christmas day, there are many variations of Santa hats, reindeer antlers and other Christmas themed headwear. Whether jingling deer antlers are your thing, or you like to be the Christmas grump, or you like to show of your flamboyant Christmas bling, there is a Christmas hat for you. Santa hats and antlers give a way to show the inner you to the world.
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Santa Plush Red Glittered Hat - 38cm

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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