Savannah Avo Shark

You'll understand why words like "revolutionary"� and "innovative"� are being thrown around to describe the Savannah Avo Shark when you use it! An avocado preparation tool that does it all, its intelligent, multi-faceted design effectively eradicates any of the difficulties that are associated with cutting, de-pipping, scooping, slicing and mashing avocado's.

Its design puts user safety and cleanliness at the heart of its design requirements, due to the slippery, messy nature of avocados. It has a safe, specially serrated cutting blade that cuts through the thickest skin and is curved in such a way that neatly cuts all the way through the avocado.

A unique pip-remover is utilised by a slide mechanism with metal teeth that safely grips and removes the pip from the halved avocado, without damaging or altering the surrounding flesh. Finally, there is a stainless steel scoop that will easily remove all the flesh in a fluid movement making it easy to cut

Construction: Stainless steelBPA free plastics
Dimensions: 28cm x 8cm x 2cm
Features: Innovative and effectivePip remover slides to fit most avocado stonesLess messProtective blade sheath
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher safe
Warranty: 10 years against manufacturer’s faults

Savannah Avo Shark

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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