SB800P VISION 30W Active Soundbar or Centre Vision 2X 15W (Rms) Amplifier 30W ACTIVE SOUNDBAR or CENTRE

SB-800P 30w Active Soundbar


>Built-in 2 x 15 watt (RMS) amplifier >Line-levelinputs or speaker-level inputs > Wall brackets and flat-panel brackets included


Vision's SB-800P Soundbar is a simple way to add quality audio to professional flat-panel screens which do not have speakers integrated. The attractive chassis enhances any audio-visual installation in meeting rooms, boardrooms, and conference rooms.

Mobile Audio If users need to be able to move their interactive flat panel screen between rooms Vision's soundbar is the perfect choice. The soundbar can be hung under the flat panel, attaching to the flat panelfloor mount at the same points the flat panel uses.

4-Way Two 3.5? woofers are complemented by two tweeters. A crossover circuit splits the frequency spectrum across four drivers to maximise efficiency.

Volume Control The volume dial is positioned underneath the loudspeaker. Turning anti-clockwise turns power off. Note: no remote control is included.

Wall Bracket If the flat-panel is wall mounted thena wall bracket is included which fixes the soundbar close to the wall.

Hanging Brackets A set of 700 mm (27.6?) brackets is alsoincluded which hang the soundbar under the flat panel. Speaker-Level Input As well as being able to connect any line-level device to the SB-800P - like your phone - you can also opt to bypass the internal amplifier and use the soundbar as passive speakers. Some flat panels have an amplifier inside, so this approach allows you to use the flat-panel remote to adjust volume.

ABS Chassis Heavy-weight plastic material is used for the chassis, allowing a beautiful curved chassis and a rigid acoustic chamber for low-distortion sound.

Two Summed Line-level Inputs The input panel offers minijack and 2-phono (RCA) line-level inputs which are combined at the input stage meaning there is no input selection switch. When both inputsare used it is especially important that all source and display devices in the system are powered from the same mains power source, otherwise earth hums will occur.

Manual CAD(shows brackets) CAD


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 756 x 75 x 99mm / 29.8? x 2.9? x 3.9? (width xdepth x height) PACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 870 x 92 x 135 mm / 34? x 3.6 ? x 5.3? PRODUCT WEIGHT:2 kg / 4.4 lb PACKAGED WEIGHT: 2.7 kg /5.9 lb CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: ABS Plastic COLOUR:Black

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Amplifier Output: 2 x 15w watts (RMS) Woofer:2 x 3.5? Tweeter: 2 x 0.5? Input 1: Minijack (3.5mm) Input 2: 2-Phono (RCA) (inputs are summed) Speaker Input (from flat panel if it has internal amplifier): Removable Phoenix type Output Impedance:8 ohms Sensitivity: 88dB (1w/1m) Frequency response: 120Hz-20kHz

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 1 x Wall bracket 2 x 700mm mounting strips - to hang soundbar beneath flat panel. Note: no input cables are included

POWER SUPPLY: 100-240v 50/60Hz AC External Power Supply- 18 volt / 1 amp Transformer integrated into plug. Includes interchangeable plugs: UK/EU/US/AU. DC tail length: 4m. Transformer dimensions: 75 x 38 x 50mm / 3? x 1.5? x 2? (tall x wide x deep) including prongs

WARRANTY:Lifetime return-to-base