Scanpan Spectrum Soft Touch Kitchen Shears Red

Having a dedicated set of kitchen shears makes a lot of sense; when the heat is up and things are happening quickly, one doesn't want to be running to another room for a pair.

Scanpan knows this and also knows that having a riotous red pair means that they're more likely to stand out in the second drawer.

These shears not only feature ergonomic handles for comfort and a safety scabbard, but a bone cutter, nut cracker and bottle opener are also built into the design.

The shears can also be taken apart for cleaning, which means that the set will remain hygienic and not foster the growth of bacteria after being used on foods.

Scanpan today offers one of the most complete selections of cookware available. From their numerous lines of high-performance cookware to their revolutionary silicone bakeware and their high-tech knives, no other name is more trusted by professionals and gourmets alike.

Construction: Blades are high-quality stainless steel
Dimensions: Total Length: 19 cm Blade Length: 11 cm Width: 9 cm
Includes: Safety scabbard
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher Safe. However due to the harsh nature of the machine cleaning process, we recommend that you hand wash your shears and dry them with a towel.
Made in: China
Warranty: 10 year