Select Mall Electric toothbrush ultrasonic soft hair magnetic induction charging toothbrush - BLUE

• Imported brush, anti-falling, anti-scattering, grinding treatment
• Fuselage overall waterproof design, fuselage can withstand water erosion and foaming, base IXP7 waterproof, can be launched in a short time, performance is not affected.
• Please insert the brush head firmly into the shaft of the brush head.
• Install the brush head and soak the brush bristles in warm water (do not use excessive hot water). It is more comfortable to brush.
• Squeeze in the appropriate amount of toothpaste. Align the toothpaste vertically to the brush bristles. Squeeze in the appropriate amount of toothpaste.
• Press the power switch to select the mode, turn on the power supply (micro-vibration, no need to worry about toothpaste splashing into the mouth, turn on the automatic cleaning scenario mode).
• After brushing your teeth for two minutes, turn off the power automatically and rinse your mouth with clean water.
• Clean the brush head safely and clean the brush bristles with clean water. After the brush head is thoroughly dried, place it in a safe place.