Select Mall Electric toothbrush USB charging sound wave vibration adult soft hair toothbrush - PINK WHITE

• Imported food-grade brush, anti-falling, anti-scattering, grinding processing
• Whole body waterproof design, the fuselage can withstand water flow flushing and foaming, base IXP7 waterproof, can be put into water for a short time, performance is not affected.
• Five vibration modes: clean, sensitive and massage to solve various oral problems
• Cleaning mode: Brush teeth for 2 minutes, better plaque removal effect, is also the standard mode.
• Polishing mode: brush teeth for 1 minute, polish and brighten teeth quickly for 1 minute
• Bright white mode: brush teeth for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, combine with 2 minutes cleaning mode, add 30 seconds to brighten and polish incisors
• Gingival health care model: brush teeth for 3 minutes, combined with 2 minutes of cleaning mode, plus 1 minute of mild stimulation and massage of gingiva
• Sensitive mode: brush teeth for 2 minutes, gentle brushing mode for sensitive teeth and gums or teeth in sensitive period