Select Mall Exam Calculator Scientific Function Calculator Multi-function Computer

•2 line LCD display, the upper line for formula and the lower for result.
•3 modes, COMP(Basic Arithmetic Calculations), SD(Standard Deviation), REG(Regression Calculations).
•240 functions, support Basic Calculation, Memory Calculation, Scientific Function Calculation and Statistical Calculation.
•79 steps input capacity for long formula calculation, cursor can flip right/left to make corrections, press up/down to indicate error position if formula goes wrong.
•240 functions, support Basic Calculation (a b/c /%/degree,min.,sec./FIX.SCI.RND), Memory Calculation (answer/consecutive/independent/variables/formula storage and repetitive operation), Scientific Function Calculation (sin,cos,tan & inverse/cot,sec,csc/hyperbolic & inverse/log and antilogarithms/Log to base/√, x√, 3√, x², x³, x(-1), X!, xπ,A(n/m), C(n/m).../angle unit conversion/coordinate conversion/EGN/random number), Statistical Calculation (standard deviation/regression calculation/linear regression).
•Hard slide-on cover protect your calculator, won't be lost.
•Adapter Battery: Button Battery
•Product Type: Function Calculator
•Model :Concise Button
•Display Digits: Twenty Four
•Net Weight: 123g