Select Mall Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Round Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse - WHITE

• Two connection modes, ease of mind, Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4G wireless intelligent dual mode one-button switching, stable and reliable transmission, farewell to the receiver's loss of adult USB interface concerns
• Intelligent and interesting life, efficient office, two-mode one-button switch, computer office, mobile phone operation are both correct, so that you can cope with the complex work calmly.
• Personalized multimedia keys, with Fn combination keys, you can play music, volume adjustment, Internet browsing and other quick operations, to save you valuable time.
• Reminder:
• CUTE Bluetooth/2.4G Dual-mode Mouse is suitable for the following systems. Users under Windows 8.0 should not buy it.
• Bluetooth Application System
• Windows - Recommended version of Windows 8.0 or above
• Macos - Recommended Macos Version 10.10 or above
• Android - Recommend Android Version 4.3 or above