Sengled Twilight Delay B22

Sengled Twilight is a long-lasting energy-efficient LED bulb with the added benefit of an additional 15 seconds of dimmed light after the power switch is turned off. The courtesy delay helps with navigating out of a dark room and can provide a calming transition to bedtime for children. Twilight can be used in any room of the house in any standard light fixture and will last for over 20 years with average usage. ;

Tech Specification

  • Bulb Type: A60
  • Fitting Type: E27 or B22
  • Lifetime: 25000 hrs
  • Warranty:: 2 Years
  • **Wattage: ;**8W
  • Light dims slightly and remains on for 15 seconds after switching off
  • Easy navigation through dark hallways, avoid bumping into furniture or stepping on toys
  • Great for bedrooms, bathrooms or kids’ rooms
  • Soft 2700K white light with wide beam angle
  • Energy efficient LED with 25,000 hour life expectancy (~22 years based on average use)