Set of 3 Breeding Bird Cage with Center Dividor with Stand White


  • 3 pcs cages and one stand included
  • Color: White
  • Portable design, and easy setup and fold up.
  • Sliding out tray for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 4 feeder cups with access doors
  • 2 large front door: 17cm wide x 18cm high
  • 4 perches for resting space
  • Removable wire divider to turn cage to 2 separate cages when needed
  • Each cage dimension: 75cm(L)x45cm(W)x45cm(H)
  • Bar space: 1cm
  • Bar Gauge: 2mm
  • Stand size: 82(W)x 46(D)x128(H)cm
  • Overall Size: 82(W) x 46(D) x 168(H)cm