Set of 3 Stackable Canary Finch Breeding Bird Cage with Nest Pan

These plastic breeding cages are easy to assemble and link together. They are very hygienic and easy to clean and come complete with nest pan - perches - feeders and bottom tray.

The side wall panels of each each can be sliding out to make larger cage when stackable use. Bottom tray is designed to catch any seed and can be slided out for cleaning.

Great for breeding Finches or Canaries!


  • 3 set cages sell together
  • Stackable Design - Stand alone or Stackable use. Great for breeding use.
  • The side wall panels of each cage can be sliding out to make a larger cage when joint with other cages
  • Sliding out bottom tray for easy cleaning
  • Gloss powder coating finished metal wire
  • Each cage has one nesting door and one front door
  • Each cage including accessories:
    • 2 Food & water cups
    • 2 perches
    • 1 Nest pan
    • 1 patation dividor
  • Each cage dimension: 47cm(W) x 35.5cm(D) x 38cm(H)