Shred Fast Wash Reload 1L Concentrated Biodegradable Bike Wash - Blue

Fast, Fuss Free Clean
A clean bike is a fast bike….but you’d rather ride than clean? Here’s the answer. Shred Fast Wash “Good to Go” 1 litre is the perfect Bike Care product to quickly, with a minimum of fuss, get your bike looking like new again.

Planet Friendly New Bike Shine
Mix 50ml with 1ltr clean water in the re-usable spray bottle, which you bought just to find out how effective Shred bike wash is, it's a cheaper way to go, and saves on the disposal of plastic bottles (one bottle of this saves the manufacture and landfill and pollution of 19 1 litre bottles killing dolphins and turtles). Developed with you and your bikes, and our planet in mind, this potent biodegradable formula will leave your pride and joy with that new bike shine you always want to have.

Clean the Lot
With just five easy steps, and no need to agitate, Shred Fast Wash is safe to use on all surfaces including Carbon Fibre, Plastic, Alloy, Titanium and all paint finishes including anodised surfaces.

Do It Now
Available now in 1 litre, Ready to Use Spray Bottle and reloadable with 50ml of the Shred Fast Wash Reload and clean water.

Instructions For Use
Step 1: Ride Your Bike, Have Fun!
Step 2 : Mix 50ml of Shred Fast Wash Reload per 1 litre of clean water in bucket or spray bottle
Step 3: Spray Shred Fast Wash generously on all areas of your bike
Step 4: Sit back and let Shred go to work for a few minutes. Don’t let it it dry in the sun
Step 5: Hose bike down well
Step 6: Repeat Step 1

Australian Made and Owned – Ride Hard, Wash Fast. Planet Friendly
• Fast acting: ride more! clean more often! Woohoo!
• Safe on all Bike Parts: great!
• Biodegradable: planet friendly!
• Planet Friendly: concentrated, saves the shipping, manufacturing, packaging and disposal of 19 1 litre bottles!
• Made in Australia: yay! support Australian manufacturing, fewer distribution kilometres

Shred Fast Wash Reload 1L Concentrated Biodegradable Bike Wash - Blue


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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