Shred Nastify Ski Goggle Bigshow CBL

Shred Nastify Goggles are a proven member in the Shred collection & are a medium fitting unisex frame with all the quality, style & performance that Shred Goggles have become known for. Shred Goggles are used by some of the best athletes in the world for a reason, everything you need & nothing you don't with performance that top athletes demand from their products. Go ahead and pick up pair of Shred Nastify Goggles from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in sport & lifestyle optics

Fit Profile: Shred Nastify Goggles have a fit profile of medium & are designed to be unisex.

Shred Nastify Frame Information: ;Shred Nastify frame is a medium universal frame made with materials that are flexible even in the coldest of temperatures allowing for a custom fit to a variety of face shapes and sizes. With tapered multi layer face foam, the Shred Nastify goggles provides a plush custom fit. The Silicone ribs on the inside of the Shred Wonderfy straps are designed to grip your helmet, so strap slippage is not a worry!

**Helmet Compatibility: ;**The Shred Nastify Goggle is designed with universal helmet compatibility in mind, protect your dome!

Shred Cylindrical Lens Information: ;Shred Nastify Goggles come with a premium Cylindrical ( flat ) lens that is strong, lightweight, shatter resistant & provide 100% protection against the suns harmful rays. All Shred lenses deliver the truest optical clarity & are treated for anti scratch & fog

No Distortion Lens Information: ;On select frame options the Shred Nastify Goggle come with a superior Cylindrical lens with 2020 Shred Goggles patented No Distortion technology that prevents your lenses from becoming warped. Traditional lenses are sealed tight to prevent fogging and keep moisture from getting in between the layers, but when you gain or lose altitude, the pressure differential causes the two lenses to bend and warp, which causes distortion in your vision. So the Shred Nastify goggles were designed with a small valve to equalize the pressure between the lenses and the outside, with a high tech POGROM™ filter to keep moisture out. The Shred Nastify Nor Distortion lenses will not warp!

Shred Nastify Ski Goggle Bigshow CBL

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