Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase Set

Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase Set - Luxury Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Set

Want the complete anti aging experience? Start with the silk pillowcase and eye mask set. It can be purchased individually for one person or buy 2 for a complete bedroom makeover.

The two products work together to ensure your eyes, the side of your face and your hair are all protected while you sleep. Silk is made up of 97% natural proteins which form a natural moisture barrier against your skin. This reduces moisture loss and naturally hydrates your skin reducing wrinkle formation and dry skin.

Silk also reduces friction unlike cotton pillowcases. This means it does not create frizzy hair over night. It does not tear out hair while your sleep for those suffering hair loss. No more hairs on the pillowcase in the morning!

The silk sleep mask and pure silk pillowcase can be purchased in matching colours for a truly personalised beauty experience.

Lets discuss some of the key features of the best silk pillowcase Australia and the matching best eye mask Australia.

Silk Eye Mask and Silk Pillowcase Benefits

  • Silk is formed from the proteins sericin and fibroin. These proteins are used extensively in skincare and eye gels as they naturally hydrate the skin preventing wrinkles
  • Silk forms a natural moisture barrier stopping skin leaching over night. The use of the mulberry silk pillowcase is particularly important for side sleepers who tend to form more wrinkles on one side of their face. Put simply this is how to stop sleep wrinkles
  • Silk is anti bacterial, anti fungal and naturally hypoallergenic. It can reduce mold and mildew which can lead to breathing difficulties. Importantly it can also assist skin conditions. Wearing the silk eye mask at night can reduce redness, puffy eyes and inflammation around the eyes. This benefit does not occur with a satin sleep mask
  • This is a true luxury silk pillowcase and eye mask set. The pillowcase is Oxford style with the extra silk creating a naturally graceful appearance on the bed. Both the mask and the pillowcase are made from 19 momme mulberry silk, which is the finest available
  • The eye patches in the silk mask provide complete blackout to the eye area, blocking out light for the most rejuvenating beauty sleep. This is achieved through their larger size and the use of black silk on the inside of the mask. The elastic strap also ensures it hugs closely to your face so light cannot penetrate
  • The silk pillowcase gift set comes in an array of colours so there is something to fit any decor
  • White Lotus is a genuine Australian seller who has been selling silk products for over 10 years. Many people believe this does not matter when they buy until they have a problem. At White Lotus we stand behind every product we sell so you can buy with confidence
  • Designer gift boxes to complete the presentation. Want to spoil someone special the the best silk sleep mask and mulberry silk pillowcase Australia are the perfect answer. Arriving in matching gift boxes it is genuinely hard not to feel spoiled

Silk Pillowcase for Hair

silk eye mask and pillowcase set

Special mention should be made of how the White Lotus silk pillowcase benefits hair. This is an ancient Chinese secret. In fact the Chinese Emperors kept it secret for almost 2,000 years. Its escape involves the adventures of a disgruntled princess who left the kingdom bringing the secret with her.

The Chinese Emperors always slept on silk. Not only because it was and still is the finest textile known to man but also because silk pillow cases prevented hair loss. It was described as "not tearing out hair" over night so the friction less nature of silk was well known.

In addition to this silk proteins actually coat the hair, strengthening and protecting it. This is also part of the reason you do not wake up with frizzy hair after a night on a silk case.

The hair loss silk pillowcase is a truly simple and attractive way to reduce unnecessary hair loss.

Technical Specifications

  • The silk Eye mask Australia measures 10cm high and 22cm across while the silk pillowcase fits a queen sized 75 by 50cm pillow
  • Both silk products are 100% Machine washable on a cold wash up to 30 degrees Celsius
  • Both silk products are made from the finest Charmeuse Mulberry silk 19 momme
  • The mask comes with a branded adjustable strap for comfort while the silk pillowcase for hair and skin is produced in the luxury oxford style
  • The Silk sets are available as a white silk eye mask and pillowcase and pearl grey silk eye mask and pillowcase

Who Are White Lotus?

“We do one simple thing, for 20 years we have distilled the ancient beauty secrets of the far east to create timeless modern beauty rituals”

What are you waiting for? The White Lotus silk range undoubtedly includes the best eye mask for wrinkles and sleep lines and sleeping on a silk pillowcase will create the best beauty sleep of your life.

Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase Set


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 5 business days
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