Sinicare-Monica Intensive Resilient Placenta Mask 25g x 5 (Last Chance)

Enjoy intense nourishment and hydration with the power of placenta!

Monica Intensive Resilient Placenta Mask contains active natural ingredients that produce a unique skin restoration and moisturising formula.

This mask has three functions:

1) Enhances skin hydration
2) Promotes skin renewal
3) Regains fullness of skin and reduces the aging effect of fine lines; creating a healther, more youthful complexion

Glides on easily providing long lasting hydration and improvement to skin condition.

Benefits of Monica Intensive Recovery Placenta Mask:

  • Helps strengthen skin's health
  • Actively provides moisture and improves elasticity of the skin
  • Regain fullness and vitality of the skin
  • Rich in anti-oxidants

Benefits of Placenta:

  • Contains pure active ovine placenta protein, a rich source of skin nutrients and bio stimulants.
  • Ovine placenta protein renews aging skin by enhancing cell repair for a more enlivened complexion.
  • Sheep placenta extract helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation by inhibiting melanin release.


Five 25g masks


1. After cleansing face, soothe skin with toner.

2. Open the facial mask and apply onto face.

3. leave for 10-20 minutes.

4. Remove the mask sheet and pat remaining essence for compolete absorption.