Skin Needling Roller roller/Dermastamp Cleaner - Anti Bacterial Colloidal Silver Spray 50mL

Skin Needling Roller roller/Dermastamp Cleaner - Anti Bacterial Colloidal Silver Spray 50mL

Natural Dermaroller Cleaner / Dermastamp Cleaner

The Natural Lotus Derma Roller Cleaner is an absolute necessity to keep and maintain the hygiene of your micro-needling or beauty equipment.

The 50mL spray bottle can be simply applied sprayed onto the roller to kill 99% of bacteria before and after use (1). A bottle will last over a year if used after each fortnightly.

The key ingredient in the natural Lotus Roller Cleaner, is pure 99.999% Colloidal silver, made from distilled water, not filtered water and high quality generators to produce the silver ions.

Silver ions are currently used on bandages to dress wounds and to disinfect surgical equipment in hospitals.
It is an age old remedy that was also taken internally, before the invention of modern-day antibiotics.
It is completely safe to use and will protect you from potential infections if bacteria were to be left to harbour on your roller.

About White Lotus

  • Expert Dermaroller Advisor to the UK's largest beauty association
  • Products developed by the author of the International Bestseller Holistic Microneedling'
  • Unique techniques repeatedly demonstrated on National Television

Hygienic The White Lotus natural Derma Roller/stamp Cleaner is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal
Safe - It has a very long history of topical use and negates worries caused by trans-dermal absorption.
Proven - Contains pure Colloidal silver used commonly in dressings for wounds for its amazing properties.
Quick - When you finish dermal rolling, simply spray place rollers/stamps back in its case.
Effective - The pump action spray avoids the need to touch and potentially damage the microneedles
Specifications - 50mL spray bottle containing 99.999% colloidal silver ions at 25ppm