Skin O2 Matte Liquid Lipstick True Brown

The lipstick is doctor-formulated, highly pigmented and contains amazing moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, charming finish while enveloping the lips with intense moisture to retain the fullness and richness of your lip colour.

Reveal the elegance of timeless glamour and effortless beauty with Skin O2's astounding collection of matte liquid lipsticks- -inspired by the bold colours of the vast Arabian Desert. Smother those lips with long lasting and revolutionary lipsticks.

Skin 02 lippies are:

* Vegan
* Cruelty Free

Tip: Before application, make sure your lips are bare, dry, and perfectly exfoliated to achieve the smoothest finish. These matte lippies are best-stored upright. Avoid oily food. To remove use Skin o2 Lip Eraser. To exfoliate we recommend Skin O2 Micro Cream and to treat and moisturize lips try Skin O2 Multivit.