Smokin' Booty Gift Pack Shaker Jars 6.5oz 3 Pack Barbecue BBQ Barbeque Sauce

Rub Some Butt Carolina Style BBQ Rub is a mustard and vinegar based rub that makes a perfect start to your Carolina Style BBQ. Formulated for pulled pork or chicken perfection, this combination of seasonings has hints of brown sugar, onion, garlic and a bit of red pepper.

Apply Rub Some Butt Carolina Style BBQ Rub on the meat before putting it on the grill, and you’ll have an entrée that gives your friends and family the savory flavor of good ol’ southern BBQ! Made in USA.

From the home of BBQ comes the perfect blend of sweetness and spices, working together to make a championship rub for any competition—including your neighborhood cookouts. K.C. Butt Spice will turn your backyard into a BBQ hall of fame! K.C. Butt Spice is the perfect blend of sweetness and spices. A championship rub for any BBQ competition and a favorite with BBQ lovers everywhere.

Serve the sauce on the side tonight! This tangy, savory and bold rub is all you’ll need for perfect smoked ribs or fire-grilled steaks. Pig’s Ass Rub is a proven championship seasoning that will have your family and friends lickin’ the bones for every last bite. Made in USA.
Pig’s Ass Rub is a real proven championship seasoning.