Snap-On Reusable Washable Underwear, Waterproof Incontinent Underpants

The ObboMed Snap-on Incontinence pants provide protection from leaking whether you re in bed or on-the-go . The Snap-On style allows you to change without removing your shoes or slacks. Designed to be used with pads, diapers or other absorbent materials

Caution: The elastic bands at waist and thigh contain natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reaction

Contents: 1 pc snap on incontinent pants


Color : White Material : 70% Polyester, 25% TPU, 5% SpandexVariations:

MT-3310: S: 55.9 71 cm / 22-28 inches MT-3311: M: 66 91.4 cm / 26-36 inches MT-3312/MT-3302N: L: 96.5 111.7 cm / 38-44 inches MT-3313/MT-3303N: XL: 116.8 132 cm / 46-52 inches