SodaStream Spirit Drink Maker White

When the weather is too hot and you need an instant thirst quencher, a great-tasting drink made using the SodaStream Drink Maker Spirit White will definitely do the trick. Simply lock your carbon dioxide cylinder into the snap-lock mechanism, fit your water-filled bottle into place, and press the button a few times to start adding bubbles. Pour and mix your carbonated water into a pitcher of lemon juice and raspberry puree and let your sparkling raspberry lemonade keep you cool and refreshed.Note In the original packaging, the water bottle is stored at the back panel of the snap-lock machine. Please remove the water bottle from the back panel to install the gas canister.

Construction Plastic
Dimensions 42cm x 18cm x 11cm
Power 110V-240V
Wattage 13W
Capacity 1L (bottle)
Colour White
Cleaning and care Handwash the water bottleWipe the snap-lock mechanism clean with a damp cloth
Warranty 2-year replacement
Made in Israel