Sony 128GB CF Express Type B Card

Enhancing Sony’s high performance, value-added memory card line-up, the Sony 128GB CF Express Type B Card is designed based on a new specification which adopts the latest interface, PCIe® Gen3, standardized by the CompactFlash Association.

The Sony CFexpress Type B memory cards have been designed to work in the harshest of conditions. Designed for professional and industrial use these ultra fast memory cards will allow you to read and write data at blistering speeds. These superhero memory cards should work just fine in temperatures of 25°C and 85°C. The memory cards are X-Ray proof, anti-static proof, can withstand 70N of force, and they have a UV guard.

Note: The Sony MRW-G1 is required to scan Sony CFexpress memory cards.

Ultra Fast

The Sony CFexpress Type B memory card is roughly 3 times faster than Sony’s fastest CFast memory card (with 530MB/s read speed). With a write speed of up to 1480MB/s, this card meets future requirement needs for secure industry data-recording or requirements from professionals to capture hi-resolution images or high-bitrate video.

With a read speed of up to 1700MB/s, even large-sized data files can be transferred quickly, when compared to existing memory cards. For example, when making copies or backing up large-sized data from multiple memory cards, transfer time will be dramatically reduced enabling greater efficiency.

TOUGH performance

The Sony CFexpress Type B memory card has superior strength, surpassing the CFexpress standard by a factor of three, being able to withstand 70N of force in bend, and five times greater reliability for enduring falls from up to 5m high.

The card is also temperature proof, X-ray proof, anti-static and has a UV guard so it can support usage in tricky or tough environments.

Peace of mind | Media Scan Utility & Memory Card File Rescue

Media Scan Utility and Memory Card File Rescue are available as a free download to Sony CFexpress card users.

Media Scan Utility is PC software that automatically scans your Sony CFexpress memory card every time you connect it to a PC via your MRW-G1 card reader. The software keeps you informed of the condition of your card and lets you know if you’re nearing or have reached the flash memory limit.

Memory Card File Rescue eradicates every photographer’s worst nightmare – deleting photos accidentally and losing your precious work. The software recovers accidentally deleted files including RAW or high-resolution images and videos, so your work is safe from whatever obstacles are thrown your way.

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Sony 128GB CF Express Type B Card


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