SOTO Muka Stove

SOTO are the masters of outdoor cooking utilities. From their Regulating Stoves to their heavy duty Stove these bad boys are built to last. The Muka Stove is literally the camping stove all others look up to. Its non-priming sleek design speeds up the ignition process to a stellar 10 seconds! With a built in O2 maximiser increases air supply you'll be amazed at the burning time of this bad boy. 


  • SOTO cookware
  • Style: Muka Stove
  • Model no.: OD-1NP
  • Pack Contents:
    • 1 x Muka Stove w/ hose
    • 1 x Smart pump
    • 1 x Muka pro windscreen
    • 1 x Heat reflective sheet
    • 1 x O2 maximiser
    • 1 x Multi-tool
    • 1 x Carry case
    • Replacement parts
    • 1 x Set of instructions
  • Bottle not included. Must be used in conjunction with Muka Fuel Bottle
  • Control dial - handles igniting w/ an emergency extinguish function
  • Non-priming design - instantly atomises fuel
  • 10-second ignition to stable flame
  • Pressure indicator ensures successful operation
  • Flexible hose - doesn't interfere with the stove
  • O2 maximiser increases air supply improving combustion and burning
  • Unleaded gas design - No need to clean the nozzle of soot before use
  • Duration: Burns for approx. 1 hour at maximum heat
  • Output: 4000kcal/h 4650W or 15800 BTU
  • Total weight: 333g
  • Dimensions (in use) (approx. in cm): 13.5 x 13.5 x 8 
  • Made in Japan
  • Please note: SOTO Fuel Bottle is sold separately