Space Bag Combo 6-Piece Bag Set - Clear

Free up space in the wardrobe, linen closet or suitcase!

Protect your clothes & bedding from odours, dirt, dust & moths!

Variety of sizes vacuum seal or roll-out the air

Saves you up to triple the space - Airtight, waterproof & reusable

Closet bursting at the seams but you can’t bring yourself to throw anything away? Who says you have to? Save space in your wardrobe by packing away your unworn clothes, bedding and more with this! This Space Bag combo set pulls the air out and flattens the bags for easy storage under the bed, in the cupboard or anywhere around the house you see fit! Plus you can even store spare doonas, towels and pillows for extra space in the linen closet. This will protect your materials from odours, dirt, dust and moths and it can even be rolled up too. However you choose to use it, this baby will definately come in handy!


  • Space Bag
  • 6 Bag vacuum seal / roll-up combo set
  • Includes (size in cm, approx):
    • 2 x Large bags - 54 x 85
    • 1 x XL bag - 67 x 100
    • 1 x Jumbo bag - 89 x 121
    • 2 x medium travel roll-up bags - 35 x 50
  • Either vacuum seal or - just roll out the air
  • Offers up to triple the storage compared to uncompressed items
  • Free up space in your home
  • Protect your belongings from odours, dirt, dust, mildew and moths
  • Airtight, waterproof and reusable
  • Cap free dome valve
  • Great for storing unworn clothes, spare linens and manchester
  • Colour: Clear
  • Materials: Durable multi-layer polymer film
  • Country of origin: China


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