Space Wave Interactive Flying UFO Toy

Remote Control Flying UFO Toy

Seeing the Space Wave Flying UFO toy drone for the first time makes kid's eyes go wide with amazement!

Their next reaction is "Can we get one?".

Using altitude sensing technology, the Space Wave UFO flying toy is able to hover above any flat surface, including your hand. You can throw it, or push it and it will stay hovering in mid-air.

Make it dance around your body or play a futuristic version of hacky-sack.

Kids love playing and showing off their tricks with the flying drone UFO - "Look Mum, no hands!". It makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

Space Wave UFO features;

  • Safe for indoor usage.
  • Automatic ground sensors
  • Control with any flat surface including hands, legs or feet.
  • Charges with a standard USB port (USB cable included)

The Space Wave UFO interactive aircraft is recommended for children 8 years and over.

Give someone the magic (or science-fiction) of the Space Wave Flying UFO toy now - it will have them floating on air!