Spin Master Marbles Brain Workshop Sherlock Puzzle Board Game Kids/Children 10y+

SKU: 6044855

Fire up your keen sense of observation and unlock your superior Sherlockian mind to crack the mysterious case of the Spin Master Marbles Brain Workshop Sherlock puzzle like a true detective.

Pick a challenge card, examine every nook and cranny of the indicated rods, eliminate the impossible, and strategically fit the rods into the cube until they lock into place.

Put your deductive reasoning and short-term memory to the test with 7 levels of challenge ranging from Elementary to Sherlock.

The beechwood puzzle pieces and pine storing case make The Sherlock a brilliant and display-worthy gift for your favourite puzzle sleuth.


52 Challenge Cards

1 Wooden Puzzle Cube

32 Precision Cut Wood Rods

1 Wooden Storage Box With View-Window


Recommended Age Range: 10 years+

Colour: Brown

Construction: Wood

1-year warranty.