SPRI 0.9kg Thumb-Lock Wrist Weights Pair - Black/Maroon

There's a wide range of low-impact weight training exercises that can be done with these clever little thumb-lock wrist weights from SPRI. Spice up your walks, runs or many other movements to add a little extra burn to the workout!


  • SPRI fitness equipment
  • Model: Thumb-Lock Wrist Weights Pair
  • For use with a wide range of exercises 
  • Great for low-impact strengthening
  • Securely wraps around your hand to avoid slipping
  • Durable elastic with ergonomic shape
  • Power up your walks and workouts
  • Colour: Black/Maroon
  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): N/A
  • Weight of unit: 1.8kg
  • Assembly: No