SRT6500 STRONG Blu-Ray Player & HD Twin Tuner Digital Video 500Gb Recorder


  • Built in Multi Region DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Smart Series Record with Auto Padding
  • Chase Play, Editing, Book Marks and Ad skipping options
  • Clever Home Network Sharing
  • Multimedia Playback
  • Record up to 250 hours of content (500GB HDD)
  • USB 2.0 Host for Firmware Update
  • Closed Captions - non moveable, with black background.
  • Auto & Manual Channel Search
  • Favorite Channel List
  • Compliant
  • Parental Lock
  • 3D Compatible with 3D TVs (Unit does not Play 3D BluRay discs and only refers to Watching & Recording 3D Broadcasts on Digital TV)


STRONG's SRT 6500 High Definition Digital Digital Video Recorder with built in BluRay Player gives any TV, even older analogue TV access to Digital TV, with the added convenience of BluRay (& DVD/CD) all in one box.

Get access to all the latest Digital channels, with this easy to install Box. You can record directly to a built in Hard Disk Drive and never miss your favorite show again. Didyou know that you can use this unit for Multimedia playback?

Using the USB located on the front of the unit you can watch movies, photos and listen to music. Turn your TV into a Media Centre.

Access the latest Digital Channels

With the Digital Switchover happening there is no need todiscard your analogue TV Set, simply connect your STRONG SRT6500 to your existing TV to experience crystal clear digitalbroadcasts.

As well as the normal channels you usually receive you can now watch all of the extra digital TV channels, including the very latest Freeview channels.

Even if you own a new Panel TV, you can use this DVR as a2nd & 3rd tuner in addition to the built in Digital Tuner in your TV.

Even if you new TV has USB Recording, in most cases you can only watch what you are recording; not another channel -now you can.

Record up to 250 hours of content

Built in 500GB Hard Drive. You can Schedule recordings and record live TV, recording up to 250 hours ofStandard Definition content or 60 Hours of High Definition content. *

Record two channels while watching another (Twin Tuner - from two networks)or while watching a Disc . You can even record to an external USB Hard Drive for even more storage (not supplied).

Built in Multi Region DVD/Blu-Ray Player

Built in Multi Region DVD/Blu-Ray player for playing BluRay (does not play 3D BluRay Discs), DVDs & CDs You can even watch a Disc while you are recording live TV. One handy remote for two devices! Multimedia Playback

Simply connect your USB Flash Drive or external USB Hard Disk Drive to your SRT 6500 and you can watch many other file formats; home movies, photos, music the list is endless.

File types include; MP3, JPEG, MKV, WMV, MOV, AVI, DivX and many more

Smart Series Record with Auto Padding

Smart Series Record, record every episode of your favourite program. Including auto padding so you never miss the start or end of your program again. Electronic Program Guide - EPG

Access to up to date electronic TV Guide with 7 day listing directly on your TV; with Keyword Search & with one touch record

Clever Home Network Sharing

SRT 6500 comes with built in WiFi or you can access via LAN connection. Access to File Sharing over Network, access to Internet Radio & Internet Weather (Does not have fullweb browser).

Access Live TV & Pre Recorded programs to Smart Phone& Tablets (Download Instructions access live TV & pre recorded programs on Laptop or PC (Download instructions ).

Pause & Rewind Live TV

You can pause and rewind live tv. Never again will you missan important moment in your favorite programs or sports highlight from interuptions caused by the phone, doorbell or everyday life. Chase Play, Editing, Book Marks and Ad skipping options

You can access and start watching a program while you arestill recording it (Chase Play); File Cut - You can mark & edit out adverts while you a watching a pre-recorded program, you can add and remove book marks (save spots) on arecorded program.

You can even program to skip or jump ahead in 30 second or 1 minute intervals - so you can skip ad breaks on recorded programs.




Tuner x 2

  • Guard Interval Modes : 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
  • Code Rate : 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  • Frequency Range : 170~230 Mhz (VHF) 470~862MHz (UHF)
  • IF Bandwidth : 7.8MHz
  • Waveform : COFDM
  • Input Impedence : 75 Ohm
  • Carrier Mode : 2k and 8k mode

MPEG Transport Stream & AV Decoding

  • Transport Stream : MPEG-II ISO/OEC 13818-1
  • Profile Level : MPEG-II MP@ML, MPEG-IIMP@HL, MPEG-IV AVC.H.264 HP@L4.0
  • Audio Decoding : Digital Dolby
  • Audio Mode : Stero, Joint Stereo, Mono
  • Sampling Rate : 32KHz, 44.1KHz & 48KHz
  • Video Resolution : 720 x 576i/p, 1280 x 720p, 1920 x 180i, 1080P
  • Video Codecs : MPEG< MPEG4, HD Divx3.11/4.11/5x/6x/AVI, MKV
  • Audio Codecs : MEOG1/2/3 (MP3), DigitalDolby, Window Media & Media Pro Audio


  • Video : RCA/Cinch, Video Ouputs (CVBS) / Component out out (YPbPr) / HDMI (High Definition MulitmediaInterface)
  • Audio : RCA/Cinch, Volume and Mute control
  • S/PDIF : Optical Digital Audio output

Data Port

  • USB : USB 2.0 Host (USB Port 1 x Front panel & 1 x Rear), A-type [rear USB is for BluRay software update only]
  • Ethernet : 1 x port RJ45, 10/100mb-tx (for data transfer and internet access)
  • WiFi: Built in

BluRay Player

  • Mulit-Region : 2D BluRay Discs/ DVD/ CD

System Resources

  • Processor : 32bit processor (450MHz)
  • Flash : 8Mbyte
  • DDR SDRAM ; 128Mbyte x 2
  • EEPROM : 256Kbit
  • Inbuilt Hard Disk Drive : 500GB Hard Drive
  • External USB Hard Drive : (Not supplied) supports NTFS & Fat32 up to 1 TB

Power Supply

  • Input Voltage : AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
  • Power Consumption : On Standby <1W, on mode Max 50W

Weight & Dimensions

  • SRT 6500 weighs approx 3kg unpackaged.
  • 335 x 247 x 58.5mm (WxDxH)



Weight: 3.4350

SRT6500 STRONG Blu-Ray Player & HD Twin Tuner Digital Video 500Gb Recorder

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