Star Wars: What Is A Droid?


Star Wars: What Is A Droid?
ISBN: 9780241301272
Publication Date: 2 January 2018

Get to know the most beloved droids in the Star Wars galaxy.

Featuring high-quality images from the smash-hit movies and TV series, DK Reader Star Wars- What is a Droid? takes a close look at the coolest droids in the Star Wars galaxy, from new favourites BB-8 (Star Wars- The Force Awakens), K-2SO (Rogue One) and Chopper (Star Wars- Rebels) to treasured old friends from the classic saga C-3PO and R2-D2. Part of DK's four-level reading scheme, the book is created in consultation with literacy experts and designed to help children learn to read - and to love reading. Narrative spreads are supported with captions and annotations, and a quiz, to encourage children to develop comprehension skills.