Stereo wired headset with tuning button - Black+Gold

  1. Hi-fi Stereo sound with noise reduction.
  2. Lightweight,ensure comfortable wearing for all day.
  3. Simply one press to play/pause /switch music,answer /reject phone calls. 4.It comes with a tuning key
  4. Function:for Video Game,For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone,Sport,For iPod,Monitor Headphone 6.Play/pause, support 3.5mm audio interface, 3.5 plug audio cable directly connected to the headset to enjoy high-quality music playback without good power, good noise reduction function, all functions are available.

Product parameters: Technical specifications: Compatible: for Cell phone, MP3, MP4, Tablet, etc. (universal 3.5mm plug) Cable Length: 1 m Plug: 3.5mm style: In-Ear function: Noise Canceling use: Portable Media Player, Sport

Package include: 1 * Earphones