Stiga Touch 6 Star Table Tennis Bat Ping Pong Game Racket Blk/Rd w/WRB ACS Cryst

SKU: 302006

The STIGA Touch is the ultimate Table Tennis Bat for the direct power hitting Player, who concentrates purely on speed.

This table tennis bat features a concave handle for a comfortable feel and 2.0mm Premium rubber.

Ideal for professional and recreational purposes.

Grab it now and get engaged in a game that’s equally enjoyed by people of all ages and genders – bring entertainment and fitness together with the STIGA ; Touch 6 Star!

Handle: Concave

Rubber: Premium 2.0mm

Speed: 95

Spin: 96

Control: 44

Stiga Technologies


The WRB system accelerates the blade face for faster returns, more power and extra sensitivity of touch.


The ACS technology allows very high speed to be combined with max springiness/elasticity im am ultrakight rubber with outstanding control.

Cristal Technology

Increase your speed

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.