STM 10969 Florally Yours Robe

This stunning STM 10969 Florally Yours Robe is perfect to lounge around while you wait for your lover... This beautiful robe is designed from floral embroidered mesh featuring 3/4 length sleeves, crochet lace trim with belt.

Seven 'til Midnight... when the fun begins!

Seven 'til Midnight, or rather the hours in between that conjure up titillating fantasies and mischievous rendezvous, is when the fun begins! The glamour and sexy sophistication of the sixties comes alive with's new Seven 'til Midnight lingerie collection. A steamy scene in the backseat... casual flirting over cocktails... a secret affair... Fall madly in love as we take a trip back to the swinging sixties with Seven 'til Midnight...

Seven 'til Midnight's Collection is designed to make hearts race. Their sizzling garments boast sophisticated embellishments such as hand embroidery, ribbon lacing, striking trims, dainty buttons, prints and detailed hems.

  • Warranty : 7 Days
  • Colour : Black