Strictly Briks 12 Rainbow Colour Blocks 672 Pieces

This Strictly Briks Baseplate Set comes with 672 pieces in a selection of 12 colours and different sizes for countless building possibilities!

This bundle of Strictly Briks includes 672 pieces of blocks in 12 colours will give your budding builder with the perfect assortment to dive into making the most incredible LEGO and block creations. This set opens up to 96 pieces of 1x1 bricks, 48 pieces of 1x3 bricks, 24 pieces of 1x6 bricks, 120 pieces of 2x2 bricks, 48 pieces of 2x3 bricks, 72 pieces of 2x4 bricks, 48 pieces of 1x2 Slope, 96 pieces of 1x2 bricks, 24 pieces of 2x12 flat bricks and 24 pieces of 2x2 flat bricks. With so many colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, this Strictly Briks set will surely be an excellent addition to your child's collection for the ultimate building playtime!


  • This Strictly Briks set includes:
    • 96 Pieces of 1x1-inch Bricks
    • 48 Pieces of 1x4-inch Bricks
    • 24 Pieces of 1x6-inch Bricks
    • 24 Pieces of 1x8-inch Bricks
    • 120 Pieces of 2x2-inch Bricks
    • 48 Pieces of 2x3-inch Bricks
    • 72 Pieces of 2x4-inch Bricks
    • 48 Pieces of 1x2-inch Slope Bricks
    • 96 Pieces of 1x2-inch Bricks
    • 24 Pieces of 2x12-inch Flat Bricks
    • 24 Pieces of 2x2-inch Flat Bricks
  • Comes with an assortment of 12 colours and 12 different shapes.
  • A great new addition to any building blocks collection.
  • Compatible with LEGO, Duplo, Mega Bloks and other leading brands.
  • Also available in other road designs (sold separately)
  • No batteries required.
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and older.

Motivate your child to utilise their creativity as they explore the fun world of block building through imaginative play with the Strictly Briks 12 Rainbow Colour Blocks 672 Pieces.

Strictly Briks 12 Rainbow Colour Blocks 672 Pieces


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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