Strip Wax Strips Non Woven Disposable Hair Removal Waxing - None, 1 Roll

These strips are an accessory to any strip waxing treatment you're using. These are non-woven professional strength disposable strips of 70gsm thickness, which are suitable for all waxes. Their soft feel is ideal for the face and all parts of the body.


  • Material: Non-Woven
  • Colour: White
  • Thickness: 70 gsm


  • Pre-Cut Packs come with 100 pieces (divided into 4x25 Wax Strips Packs) of Pre-Cut Wax Strips of 7cm x 20cm each
  • Rolls come as a 7cm wide and 100 yard long Wax Strip Roll
  • Please note these do not come with the wax

How to use non woven wax strips?

Apply strip wax to the required area then immediately apply the wax strip over it and press for a few seconds to stick properly. Then pull "against" the hair growth for best results to remove unwanted hair.