Sudoku Toilet Paper


We know they're out there. We know there are people living among us who are just too cool to admit they have caught Sudoku fever. These are the type of hipsters who can't stand the thought of being caught at the newsagent, in the daggy crosswords section, browsing a Sudoku puzzle book.

If you know someone who just can't get enough of the numbers game, then salvation is at hand! Literally. Sudoku toilet paper is the answer for any secret Sudoku addict. In the privacy of their own bathroom, Sudoku fans can complete a Sudoku puzzle, then use the paper to wipe away the shame of their addiction. What better way to exercise the brain while sitting on the bog! But if you're finding your loved one spending more time in the lavatory than they do speaking to you, then we suggest you get some relationship counselling. A great novelty gift for Christmas.