Super Chef Oven Convection Micro Oven 17L

Convection Wave Micro Oven 17L
Check out the New and Higher Model of SuperChef AirFryer!

The "SuperChef" Oven Turbo allows you to prepare delicious, healthful meals in less than half the time of traditional methods. It does this by using a fan to accelerate the circulation of the oven's hot air. A traditional convection oven uses a fan mounted on one side of a metal box. Benefits: You can cook a complete meal at one time by using the 2 level racks. Cooking on racks minimizes fat retention resulting in less fat and calories in your meals Not necessary to add oil or fat to most recipes.

Feature:- Deluxe Convection Oven

  • High Rack
  • Low Rack
  • Tongs
  • Steam dish
  • Low bake plate
  • Lid holder
  • Bread rack
  • Skewer

Package:- 1 X SuperChef Sets