Superfood Slow Cooker : Healthy Wholefood Meals From Your Slow Cooker

Superfood Slow Cooker : Healthy Wholefood Meals From Your Slow Cooker
ISBN: 9781849758437
Publication Date: 10 October 2017

For anyone who loves good food but has little time to spend cooking, an electric slow cooker can fit perfectly into a busy lifestyle. They can be used day or night, and you don't have to stay at home to keep an eye on your cooking while you produce hearty, healthy food for all the family.

The recipes in this book mainly use sustaining grains, beans and pulses, along with 'superfood' vegetable ingredients and lean high protein foods, including fish, poultry and meat. The addition of fresh herbs and super spices such as turmeric and ginger adds flavour as well as packing an extra nutritional punch.

Ideas for Breakfast & Brunch include sweet potato & cauliflower hash with pumpkin seeds; best baked beans; spiced fruit compote with chia; and apple pie porridge with blueberries and toasted almonds. Light Bites & Lunches to Share include mung bean hummus; supergreen soup; beetroot falafel; steamed savoury chickpea cake with a spinach raita; and mackerel with lime & mango salsa.

Deliciously Sustaining Recipes for Weekdays include Jamaican black bean pepper pot; yellow split pea & coconut curry; poached fish in dashi broth with kombu & edamame; chicken & chipotle barley bowl; and Asian beef broth with orange & star anise. At the Weekends feast on comforting winter chestnut & puy lentil stew; bonfire adzuki bean chilli; and five-spice pulled pork with Asian slaw or choose a lighter option such as the Sri Lankan fish curry; chicken, faro & porcini pilaf; or a Moroccan harissa-spiced lamb salad. Discover the convenience and versatility of your slow cooker with these inspired and nourishing recipes.