Superlux E524D X/Y Stereo Pencil Condenser Stereo Microphone

About this ;Superlux E524D X/Y Stereo Pencil Condenser Stereo Microphone

The Superlux E524D is an XY stereo microphone, with a pair of small-diaphragm (16mm) Cardioid electret capsules mounted in a fixed XY 90° array. The mic can be phantom powered (9-48V) or battery powered with single 1.5V AA. The microphone’s frequency response and max SPL do not change when operating via battery power. A single switch on the mic body turns on battery power. A blue LED flashes once at startup to indicate that power is present. The published frequency response graph shows a gradual roll off below 200Hz, and a smooth +5dB presence boost 8.5kHz. The high end rolls off above 13kHz.

The microphone is terminated with 5-pin XLR-M jack which converts to 2 x male XLR using the splitter cable provided.

Included in this mic pack:

  • Superlux E524D X/Y Stereo Pencil Condenser Stereo Microphone
  • 5 meter XLR5F to dual-XLR3M cable
  • Plastic mic clip
  • Tripod table stand
  • Foam windscreen
  • Leather storage pouch.


The Tech Features:

Brand:- Superlux

Model:- E524D

Pickup Patterns:- X/Y Stereo (4 mV/Pa; 20 - 20,000 Hz)

Capsule Diameter:- 16mm

Impedance:- 200 Ohms (Low)

Max SPL: 127 dB

Self-Noise:- 21.0 dB (A)

Weight:- 340g (11.99 oz.)

Length:- 215mm

Max Diameter:- 25mm

Interface:- 5 pin XLR male

Power Specifications:- Requires Phantom Power. Has battery compartment for 1 x 1.5v (AA).

Phantom Voltage:- 9-48v