Supido Mulit Sports Radar

This is a personal sports radar gun for accurately measuring the speed of your performance whatever sport you play. It has a lightweight durable frame and is designed for easy use. It has a hand-free operation unlike most other speed guns and can be used by a single person. It is designed to be mounted on any standard camera tripod. This multi sport speed radar gun is ideal for most sports including golf, tennis, football and cricket.

Features include:

Distance range (ball): approximately 9 metres

Bright LED display can be easily seen from a distance

Large red 3 digit LED digital speed display

Voice notification to announce reading speed

Speed recall feature for last 10 sets of recorded speed

Move mode speed range: 25 to 150 mph (40 to 199 Km/h)

Still mode speed range: 3 to 150 mph (5 to 199 Km/h)

Angle adjustable to provide accurate reading

Requires 5 AA batteries (not included)