Sweat Central Boxing Gocus Pads Mitt Gloves "Hurt Me"

The first and only of it's kind, our Sweat Central Focus Pads are the best way to get motivated and enjoy training sessions whether it is between buddies or for exercising customers.

C'mon... HURT ME!!!"

We and other trainers have put these pads to the test without fault or issue, but of course we love to see our products be hammered for the goodness of exercise. It's the perfect sparring mate tool, whether you are training outdoor, in a gym or class.

Our tear drop design also allows the practitioner to execute elbows, knees as well as work on the inside better. Of course you'll be smashing sets of cross punches, hooks , jabs and uppercuts on these pads with ease.


  • Light weight pad without bulky feel.
  • Ergonomic engineered for Adult hands, One Size
  • High density jumbo padding with shock absorbing properties
  • Centre focus point helps you hit accurately
  • Lined with quality PU synthetic leather
  • Extra soft padding on lower hand and wrist areas
  • Tear drop design