Sweet Dreams My Little Bed Co Sleeping Bed Bassinet

As is already practised in many cultures around the world, co-sleeping is becoming more popular in western society. For those parents who want to be close to their baby in the early months, My Little Bed allows the parents to sleep their baby in between them, without the fear of rolling over onto them.

My Little Bed, has a firm and strong outer casing, which protects the baby from being rolled onto. It also includes 2 bolsters which the baby lies between when they are just born as they become a little larger, these can be removed to offer more space for your baby.

If the baby does wake up during the night, you are right there, next to your baby to see to their needs. Very convenient if breast feeding.

A Little Bed within a Big Bed

Even if you decide that you don’t want to have your baby in your own bed, My Little Bed can be placed into a cot, confining the baby to the one position within the cot. Much more economical than the “doughnut shaped†inner mattresses filled with foam or tea-tree leaves, and a lot lighter. Also saves on the expense of purchasing a bassinette or cradle.

My Little Bed – the perfect travelling bed

My Little bed is very light, and can be easily carried from the car, making it ideal for you when travelling or visiting. The adjustable strap allows you to carry it over your shoulder and still hold your baby. When it is time to put your baby to bed, place the Little Bed on an adult bed, they are quite safe, the side walls prevent the baby from rolling out.