Swift RM18 Robot Mower (include base,installation kit 100M and Bonus garage)

With automated working and charging cycle, Swift RM18 robotic mower will give you the perfect lawn and more time with the family by liberating you from lawn care work.

Excellent and affordable choice to experience modern robotics on your regular sized garden of up to 600m². With bumping sensor and treaded wheel driven by strong motors, it can conquer all obstacles and gradient up to 35% (20°).

Intuitive and straight forward interface to personalize your mowing settings.

PIN Code for theft protection; stepless and easy cutting adjustment dialer.

With more than 10 years engineering experiences in garden industry and tip top components enables RM18 to work without breaking the tranquility of your garden. It takes care of your lawn unnoticed while you enjoy your life.

IP56 water and dust resistance level.