Taste The Difference Air Roaster Pro - ARPRO_TTD

Weight: 0
Massive 12L capacity
2 stage 360 degree rapid heat technology
Intelligent Menu System
No pre-heating time
Healthier Cooking
2 Stage 360 Degree Rapid Heat Technology: The powerful turbo forced heat from above while the twin turbo convection fans circulate heat evenly all around the food, searing the outside for that perfect crispiness and locking in all the natural juices and flavours
Massive 12L capacity: Plenty of space to cook the largest meals for your family and any guests. You can actually rotisserie a full-size roast!
Intelligent Menu System: Programmed single push button selection for Steak, Chicken, Fish, Nuts, Cake, French Fries, Skewers, or full DIY for your own recipes and preferences
No pre-heating time: Your food cooks faster than in a regular oven - save money on energy costs
Healthier Cooking: Unwanted fat and oil drips right away, reducing calorie intake from fat by up to 70%
1600 Watt TTD Air Roaster Pro: 1x
Wire Rack: 1x
Drip Tray: 1x
Tumble Cage: 1x
Cage Tong: 1x
Mesh Basket: 1x
Skewer Rack: 1x
Rotisserie Rod & Forks: 1x
Warranty Period - 1
Manufacturer - Taste The Difference
Capacity (Litres) - 12
Dimensions -