Tasty Bone Nylon Knot Bone Lamb Chop

Tasty Bone Nylon Knot Bone Lamb Chop

Dogs love to chew on things, especially if they re a particularly active or playful species. Owners often find themselves replacing personal items like shoes, cushions, kid s toys, etc., because their adventurous pet has destroyed them. That s why experts in pet care recommend getting a chew toy for the purpose. The Tasty Bone Nylon Knot Bone Lamb Chop will make sure your pet has something strong and attractive to chew on so he won t be tempted by something else. Tasty Bone Nylon Knot Bone lamb chop is a great chew toy that offers a number of benefits like:

  • Delicious Flavour This toy comes in a delicious lamb chop flavour that many pets find irresistible. This ensures the toy always has the pet s attention and they aren t tempted to chew on anything else.
  • Long Lasting Flavour The flavour isn t just delicious, but also long-lasting. It will last throughout the toy s lifetime so you don t need to replace it too often. The flavour doesn t contain any salt, sugar, or similar unhealthy additives.
  • Durable - Tasty Bone Nylon Knot Bone lamb chop lasts for a long time because it is made from a resilient nylon material and designed for aggressive chewers.
  • Good For Dental Health This toy is designed with your pet s dental health in mind. It will help strengthen teeth and gums, remove plaque build-up, and ensure your pets have a strong bite.

The nylon material passes safely through your dog s digestive system without causing any stomach upset or adverse reactions. The following should be noted for the safety of your dog:

  • This is not a throwing and catching toy for your dog. Catching the toy in its mouth with force could cause injury.
  • Replace the edible bone when it is small enough for the dog to swallow whole.
  • It is recommended to supervise your pet while chewing any bones of any animal or brand.

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