Tasty Bone Nylon Megabone Beef

Tasty Bone Nylon Megabone Beef

Most dogs love to chew. They aggressively bite anything chewable in their vicinity like pillows, cushions, shoes, soft toys, books, etc. The only way to save these items is to give them something more appealing to chew. The Tasty Bone Nylon Megabone Beef toy is an ideal option because it is designed for this purpose. This toy will hold your dog s attention and distract him/her from other alternatives in their vicinity. Here s a look at the key benefits of this product:

  • Long Lasting Tasty Bone Nylon Megabone Beef is designed to last for a long time, despite how aggressively your dog chews.
  • Made for Large Dogs The product is made for large and powerful dog breeds that have a powerful bite. It is suitable for giant breeds as well.
  • Long-Lasting Flavour The toy tastes like beef and the flavour lasts for as long as the toy is fit to be used. This means you don t need to replace it too often.
  • The material is safe to ingest but be sure to keep track of wear. If the toy becomes small enough for your pet to swallow whole, throw away and replace it with a new one.

This product is made from a durable nylon material that is designed to withstand wear and tear so you buy it for your large breed, aggressive chewers. The toy is available in a bright, visible red colour, which makes it easier for pet owners to keep track. Don t use Tasty Bone Nylon Megabone Beef as a fetch toy. Catching the toy in its mouth with force could cause injury.

It is recommended to supervise your pet while chewing any bones of any animal or brand.

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