TCL 55P715 55 Inch 4K UHD AI TV


When it comes to technologically advanced appliances, TCL continues to lead the market by introducing smarter products like 55P715 UHD TV. Designed to offer cinema-like incredible picture quality, this 55 Inch TV brings billions of colours to life. It showcases every special effect and detail of the video streaming, drawing you into the middle of the scene. Featuring state-of-the-art AI Integration, this Android TV makes life so much easier. It allows you to use your voice commands to search for entertainment content or monitor and operate smart home devices. The intelligent voice recognition eliminates the need for using a remote, allowing for hands-free operation. TCL 55P715 High Definition TV uses the Micro Dimming image processing technology that accurately adjusts the brightness and darkness bases on the content genre. A proprietary algorithm enhances content in real-time, upscaling everything you watch into a 4K resolution. The built-in Dolby audio device produces an exceptional sound that moves around you a three-dimensional space, offering an immersive experience.